Angry Birds owner Michael Hymus, and business partner Debra Jeanes major community supporters, are  at it again. For 1 week commencing March 14, Debra and Michael gave 100 % of all Angry Bird sales including taxes to the Rotary Club of Picton who will disperse the funds to help support Ukrainian refugees in this current humanitarian crisis. This brave initiative raised $29,740 which have been dispersed.

Photo of first donation of $15,000 taken by Desiree DeCoste from the Picton Gazette.
(l to r) Bob Bird, Lyndon Johnson, Debra Jeanes and Andy Janikowski.

Click here to listen to Past President Bob Bird’s interview on 99.3 County FM.

This money went to two initiatives:
  • Providing funds for an organization called ShelterBox Canada. They provide ready-to-assemble structures for families with no place to sleep. This organization is currently on the ground in Eastern Europe providing shelter and emergency packages for those displaced in Ukraine and refugees in neighbouring countries. Emergency aid packages include things within the tent structure like blankets, solar lights, mats, warm clothes, cooking stoves, water purification systems and other locally sourced items. They will assess the needs and deliver as many Shelter Boxes to appropriate sites as possible. Each Box is valued at $1200 CDN.

  • Providing funds for Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC). The mandate of this group is to provide access to medicines in vulnerable communities that have been affected by some kind of crisis, conflict or natural disaster. They recognize the urgent need in Ukraine for immediate medical relief. Last week they mobilized their first shipment of medicines to Poland and will continue to send medical aid with healthcare professionals who are part of medical mission teams. They plan on sending 400 humanitarian medical kits of medicines and health care necessities. While each kit is valued at $6,000 CDN the cost to Rotary is only $600 CDN for each.
Mike Hymus, Debra Jeanes and the Rotary Club of Picton encourage you to join in by donating through the Rotary Club of Picton website
Read the full article in the Picton Gazette.