The Rotary Club of Picton took a giant step toward the completion of an educational dream last week and they look forward to many years of educational learning at this location, in cooperation with Quinte Conservation.
Rotary volunteers
Members of the club along with a local landscaping company made the effort to place 13 hand made red cedar benches along a raised area on the Orange Trail known to Rotarians as the “Rotary Woods Walkway”. With spring on the way a call went out to Chris Vancott the principal of a local Prince Edward County landscaping company – (Schoonhoven Landscape and Maintenance) and the project was discussed. The reaction from Chris was “make it happen” and the Club mobilized and called on members and it all came together on Wednesday morning this week. 
The 13 benches were placed in a circular setting along the trail with the idea of creating a learning/teaching venue where easily up to 45 people could be seated and enjoy a presentation in a natural forest setting on the trail system of the Quinte Conservation Macaulay Mountain site just outside Picton and adjacent to Birdhouse City. The benches, made from downed natural Prince Edward County red cedar, were constructed by a local artisan – Eddie Stephens -- in the fall of 2022. Eddie was on hand during the effort and stated that he would ensure these naturally long lasting benches will be maintained and sealed naturally.
There will be a final effort to mulch and or seed the area in the near future. After this the Rotary Club of Picton is happy to entertain any group that would like to utilize this natural setting for nature education, or any type of education for that matter.