Fundraising Overview
For the Rotary fiscal year July 2022 - June 2023, the Rotary Club of Picton has planned to disperse $65,300 to support local, regional and International projects. This chart shows the breakdown of where the funds will go. The Rotary Club of Picton has committed to donate annually 25% of our unrestricted fundraising (but not less than $20,000) to the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Fund Back the Build Campaign.
The club also manages three restricted funds that flowthrough donations to a specific cause. These funds are:
As of the end of January 2023, we have raised $90,928 through our various fundraising activities. This represent 110% of our goal, with 5 months to go in our Rotary year.
We had projected annual fundraising in support of Ukraine to be $10,000. With the additional of a new Ukrainian Evening fundraising dinner on November 8th, we have raised $39,000, which accounts for our exceeding the fundraising goals
So far we have dispersed almost $62,000 or 2/3 of the funds raised. We have sent $11,300 to Community Service projects, $38,800 to our Relief Support to Ukraine projects, $4000 to International projects, $3,900 to Shelterbox Canada and $1,000 to the Red Cross for Hurricane Fiona support.