The 2020/2021 winner of Rotary Club of Picton Volunteer Award was Owen Payette. Owen graciously provided the following letter to the Club upon receipt of this award that recognizes community service provide by High School students.
Thank you very much for the Rotary Club Volunteer Award and the Rotary / Stark Family Fund Loyalist College Bursary. They will help me with my new start at college. In September I will be attending loyalist college for business and this money will help make that transition that much easier and I am grateful for that. As part of the volunteer award I have decided to donate the $250 to the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation “Back The Build”.  I chose “Back The Build” because the hospital is an integral part of our town that serves 40,000 patients each year. At some point, everyone in the County, including me, has relied on or has used the services the hospital offers so I believe it is important to support it for our community.  I feel it is vital that we have an updated facility in the County that we can count on, especially with our rapidly growing and aging population.  Again, thank you so much for the awards, I really appreciate them and as well, the opportunity to give back to the community.
Congratulations Owen on a well-deserved award and best wishes on your future endeavours.