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We are delighted that people are responding to our apricot ribbon campaign honouring our health care workers in a number of ways . . . putting up lawn signs saying "thank you", flying apricot ribbons in gratitude, and sending us testimonials about the great work that is taking place on the front lines.  Here are some examples:

Compassionate and Caring Medical Laboratory Assistant
I would like to recognize Pam Robinson as an exceptional essential caregiver. After being hospitalized with a deep vein thrombosis blood clot in my leg, I went home dependent on blood thinning medication and the need to have my blood tested twice a week. No longer able to be on my own I came to live with my daughter and son-in-law in the County. I attended the Picton LifeLabs for my blood work. At ninety-two years of age and with the need of a walker, not to mention very shy of needles, it was not a trip I relished. From the beginning, Pam seemed to take me under her wing with her kind approach and being so adept at drawing blood. I did not feel a thing. Now miraculously, my blood clot has vanished so no need for weekly blood work but I wanted to recognize Pam as a very professional medical lab assistant who made what appeared to be such a risky weekly endeavour, a comfortable and friendly experience.

Maria Valador June 24, 2021

"Chantelle Scott is a Developmental Support Worker with Community Living Picton. She does not hesitate when they are short staffed to take the extra shifts to help out thoughtout this hard time dealing with COVID-19. She makes sure that the needs of the people she supports are met with the highest level of care"


Judy Silverberg writes.  "Recently, in what can only be described as a dumb moment, I inadvertently swiped my hand across a very hot stovetop. Off I went to emergency seeking treatment for the resulting painful burn.  Upon arrival I was immediately taken inside to be treated. The triage, nurses and doctor were wonderful. So gentle and kind, yet swift and professional. I remember feeling overwhelmingly grateful to receive this level of care right here in our town of Picton.  Even the front desk security staff were lovely.   As I was making my way out to the parking lot to wait for my husband, one of them very kindly said “go have a seat in the living room, and I’ll come get you when he’s here”. I was very touched by his gesture, and I won’t soon forget his witty thoughtfulness.  I am pleased to display my apricot ribbon in support of the wonderful health care team we have here."  

Bill MItchell contributes.  "In May of last year, I suffered a stroke on my left side. My right arm has been paralyzed since birth so I am a little useless. I was taken immediately to B.G.H from Wellington where I was taken to intensive care. I spent 3 or 4 days in I.C.U, and to the Sills wing for Re-Hab for 4 days. I wish I could remember all the names of the nurses and doctors who took care of me during COVID. All I can say is that we have the best Hospitals and staff in Ontario.  Today I'm 99 % back to normal except for my memory so I am very sorry I can't remember names, but I'm sure they remember me.  Thank you, Thank you.  I owe all concerned my life."

Please keep these testimonials coming.  Let your health care workers know how much we value their dedication and sacrifices.  They will appreciate your reaching out.  Send your comments to

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