Sandbanks Provincial Park
Tentative Date May 29th, 2021 10:00 am 2:00 pm
Marking the 2021 Earth Day, the Rotary Club of Picton will be participating in this cross-border Rotary event to restore some beauty and cleanliness of the waters in and around the Great Lakes.

This year we will cleaning up the very popular Sandbanks Provincial Park. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the actual date is still to be confirmed.

Great Lakes Watershed Clean-up Facebook Group


Club Participation GUIDE

5 Things TO DO Right Now

  1. Finalize Date
    • April 24 is unavailable because of COVID
    • Event will occur during May or early June – (all subject to COVID restrictions)
    • Several Clubs are choosing Sat-May-29 – let’s try for as many Clubs as we can on this date
  2. Finalize Location – 10-20 any 1 location teams of 4 – consider shifts if #’s warrant
  3. Finalize Sign-up List
    • Every Club gets 3/4 T-Shirts – More can be ordered ($20)
    • Contact
  4. Ask for Guidance
    •  Your Event coordinator can “Zoom Into” a Club meeting & answer questions
  5. Encourage Your Club’s Participation in Virtual Earth Day Event
Next Update
  1. Materials You Will Need – (gloves, pickers, collection bags)
  2. Safety Precautions to Follow (COVID & otherwise)
  3. How to “Weigh” Your Garbage (and report back)
  4. Social Media – Taking Pictures/Videos (how to post)
  5. How to Report Your Chosen Location & Number of Participants
Region-1 – Eastern Ontario
Region-1 Event Coordinator(s): Barb Proctor 
                                                         Bob Biffin
Clubs: Belleville, Wellington, Trenton, Cobourg, Belleville Rotaract, Quinte Sunrise, Stirling, Northumberland Sunrise, Colbourne, Brighton, Port Hope, Picton, Campbellford