Our work has wrapped for this year. The entire trail has been regravelled. In the spring work will commence on a new circular seating area for groups. Many thanks to all the volunteers, including students fro PECI, for the outstanding effort in maintaining this beautiful walkway.
On Saturday June 26th Rotary members started the clean-up and signage work for the newly named Picton Rotary Woods Walkway in the Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area. Since that time, members regularly meet to mow the pathways, trim around the benches and clean up any debris or waste.
During September and October 2021, we undertook some bench repair and painting. As well, additional gravel was added to the pathway to fill holes and even out the ground.
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The Rotary Woods Walkway is the Orange Trail on the Macaulay Mountains Conservation Area map below.

Other pictures from Day 1