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QHC Update and Future Plans
At the 15th meeting of the Rotary Club of Picton on Tuesday via Zoom, guest speaker Stacey Daub, CEO of Quinte Health Care (QHC), shared a brief update on what’s happening across the four hospitals as well as an interactive session around the future of QHC.

When speaking about COVID-19 and vaccination rates, CEO Daub added how vaccinations can be a very controversial issue sometimes. Subsequent to Daub’s presentation last week, the announced they had terminated the employment of 30 people of the some 2,400 who work at the four sites because they did not comply with the corporation’s new mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy.

“When the virus is high in the community it often means then it will be high in the work places or in hospitals or in other places where people congregate,” stated Daub. “The more we do as a community to manage COVID and keep the COVID numbers low the better off we are in the hospitals because it just reduces the volume of COVID cases that are going to come in.”

QHC President and CEO Stacey Daub. (Submitted Photo)

What the real challenge for QHC right now is what Daub called the after effects, or the ongoing lingering effects, of COVID that we couldn’t have imagine a couple of years ago.

Another area of concern Daub has in addition to frontline healthcare workers is their primary care partners.

“In Prince Edward County, our family health team has done an amazing job in the last year,” expressed Daub. “They’ve been doing everything from running COVID assessment centres to vaccination centres and they’re also the people who support our emergency department as well as our inpatient units. We’re really looking at how to partner with primary care and support them both in terms of working with them directly but also talking to County Council and others about how to support and recruit not only physicians but nursing and other individuals to our communities.”

Daud said senior staff have been using a bee analogy to describe how they are going about the ongoing strategic planning processes and, currently,  the organization is  in the pollination phase which calls for residents, staff, partners and others to offer insights and ideas about the future of the new PECMH.  

Daub said remaining element is to finalize the strategy and launch it in 2022.

To read the full Picton Gazette article, click https://www.pictongazette.ca/2021/10/19/daub-discusses-covid-next-steps-for-new-pecmh/

For more information on QHC please visit www.qhc.on.ca

Adventures in Citizenship
Prince Edward County native Jasper Dailey gave a presentation on August 17th about his virtual experience at the annual Adventure in Citizenship program established by the Rotary Club of Ottawa.

The Adventure in Citizenship program, which was established in 1951, sends around 220 senior high school students from across Canada to spend four days in Ottawa however the event was held virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dailey was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Picton to attend this event.

Click here to read the full story in the Picton Gazette.

211 Service Presentation
Barb Proctor introduced Tracey Legault-Davis who is the 211 Outreach Coordinator of Volunteer and Information Centre of HPE which is a free service offering information on all the human and social services in this area. 
The Centre is trying to raise awareness and did a mailing which resulted in a 72% increase in calls for assistance but she believes much more needs to be done. The Centre is connected to 211, a country wide, federally funded information service for social services. Tracey manages the local branch, Volunteer and Information Centre of HPE.
Universal Basic Income Presentation
On June 1, 2021, Winnipeg-based author and Universal Basic Income( UBI) advocate Evelyn Forget offered Rotary Club of Picton members an in-depth look on the concept that would give impoverished Canadians a step out of poverty with a guaranteed monthly income.
Evelyn's book is available at  https://www.peclibrary.org/
Click here to read the full story in the Picton Gazette.

Back the Build

The Rotary Club of Picton has exemplified just what Service Above Self means to their members with an announcement of a$100,000 pledge to the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation’s Back the Build campaign to build a new hospital in the County.

“Picton Rotary’s philanthropic support of the hospital is both longstanding and unwavering,” said Shannon Coull, executive director of the PECMH Foundation. “This pledge follows more than 19 years of generous donations from the membership. They have contributed over $110,000 which has helped fund important projects such as the construction of the dialysis unit in 2002. They have also helped support priority equipment purchases like the digital mammography machine with proceeds from their annual golf tournament. Picton Rotary’s generosity has enabled the hospital to make great strides in improving healthcare for patients. Their commitment to help Back the Build for a new hospital reinforces the club’s legacy of supporting the hospital, and for that we are so grateful.”

Click here to visit our webpage about the Rotary Club of Picton ongoing commitment to PECMHF and the “ Back the Build”

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